Litter “A”

Litter “A”
date of birth: 17.12.2013.
1 male, 5 female

Mother: Blümchen vom Ihlwald “Alice”

Father: Angel’s Share of Bruichladdich  “Guinness” (AT)


1. Aiden – ÖCH


He lives in Austria with a wonderful couple, he is not only a show dog, but learns in dog school and he is a gundog, too.


2. Annabelle

She stayed in Hungary and she has a lovely family.


3. Aurelia

She lives in Germany.

4. Alice

Her name is Kira and she is a member of a nice and big family in Hungary.

5. Angel

She is a partner of a veterinarian lady, her name is Ivy now. Her home is in a wonderful place.

6. Abigail

Abby lives in love in a nice German family.